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[LiT] Our House; Welcome Home; PM to Join
Topic Started: Nov 7 2016, 04:52 PM (704 Views)


It must have been an odd sight, having such an “eccentric” group gathered, and naturally it may have drawn some stares. At the very least, Ursus’s rather unique sense of fashion had gotten several people to do a double-take. If it was any other occasion Aria might have grumbled about it, but now was not the time. Though she would swear she’d dispose of all the bags, boxes, and buckets someday.

Any moment now, just a few more minutes.” Aria glanced at the time. “Not much longer.”

Just a few more minutes later, the sound of a horse’s neigh trotted to their ears. Heads turned to see the anachronistic vision of a carriage drawn by two horses, rather a carriage drawn by two robotic horses. Stranger still was the girl leading the mechanical beasts, one dressed in clothes out of Victorian fantasy.

Spoiler: click to toggle

Lady Aria, Master Ethan, Master Ursus, honored guests.” The girl gracefully hopped out of the carriage and gave a curtsey towards the group. “Mother and Father sent me to gather everyone while they prepare. Is everyone present?

Yes, yes everyone’s here.” Aria tossed her luggage into the carriage, only for it to be caught by the uniform wearing girl.

Allow me.” Before they could blink, the girl had gathered up everyone’s luggage and stored it away.

Fast as always, would it really be so bad to let someone else help you every now and then Mary?” Aria asked as she stepped into the carriage.

It would be a great dishonor to you and to myself if—

AWW, SHE STILL HASN’T CHANGED.” Ursus ran up to hug Mary, only to be avoided.

I am glad to see that you are the same as well Master Ursus,” Mary said as she tossed the boy into the carriage. “Please keep all body parts in the carriage at all times.

[Who is this?]
Ethan got into the carriage, which seemed to be growing with the occupants, and handed the note to Aria.

Ah, right. Everyone this is Mary Susan Jones, maid extraordinaire.” Aria raised her hand towards Mary, who did another curtsey as she did. “She’s super strong, super lucky, super smart, and yet she spends all that being the perfect maid.”

You are starting to sound like Mother and Father.” Mary hopped back to the driver’s seat. “They wished for me to pursue a different calling as well at first.”

Well, if they have a point, then they have a point.” Aria shrugged her shoulders. “Anyways, are we really going to go back home in this? Isn’t that a bit far?”

Mary jostled the reins, and the horses suddenly merged with the carriage and turned into some kind of aircraft. Within moments they were flying through the blue sky; at such a speed that they could hardly believe Mary was still outside looking perfectly pristine.

Ah, of course.” Aria really should have seen it coming.


On the “carriage ride” to their home, Ethan couldn’t help but wonder what exactly the “plan” was. So far, he had been very much less than informed on the situation. He knew that there were things called Mem Forms and they wanted something from him, and that’s it. Any more questions on that matter was shut down repeatedly with non-answers. Come to think of it, he didn’t even know why they were going to his… rather their parents.

[What exactly are we trying to accomplish by going to Mother and Father?] Ethan wrote the note and passed it to Aria.

Hmm, about that.” Aria mulled over what she would say. She also needed to inform their passengers about this as well. “We need you to forget something. So, I figure our parents would know how to do that.”

Tha…” Ethan almost answered immediately out loud, but an inactive mouth led to a bit of a tongue tying situation.

[That’s impossible. I can’t forget.]

I know, but there has to be a way. There are always exceptions to rules, this case is no different.” Aria glanced around the carriage, at the “visitors” so to speak. “This is why I asked for help. I don’t know what will happen, but knowing my parents it will be needlessly complicated, troublesome, and a dash adventurous. I apologize beforehand to everyone here.”

Before long they had arrived, landing in front of what looked like a regular suburban household. It was, in fact, so normal that it completely threw everything else out of comprehension. For one thing, besides the house and its accompanying yard, the place was barren. Nothing but a grassy field for miles, devoid of trees, hills, spaceships, rivers, lakes, monuments, and so on. It was actually rather eerie how there was only a single house in the middle of nowhere, or at the very least the opposite of complicated, troublesome, and adventurous.


Home sweet home.”

I shall inform Mother and Father.”
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Felinia told them "I ask you do not seek to remove my memories. It would cause some problems for me."

When they had landed, Felinia looked around. Nice

Stepping upwind of the carriage after any dust had settled, Felinia took in a nice deep breath of the air. After being stuck in a city, fresh air had to be better for someone with enhanced senses.
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Of the people gathered there, one stood silent all the time they had to wait. The not so tall girl in the white jacket limited herself at moving her gold and green eyes from a person to another.
Her mouth was sealed shut and a neutral, if somewhat bored expression was on her face.
Black shoes and black leggings, Heleth Mastema arrived to the appointment with her jade hair tied into two braids that fell in front of her shoulders.
She was there, with her hands inside the pockets of her jacket pondering on how little she knew on the situation Sophia dragged her in.

Why was she there in the first place? Sure, to help Sophia help Ethan.
The almost silent guy that was with them in Sicily, and was unwillingly involved in the finding of the Naglfar.

Apparently, Ethan had two siblings, and they looked even odder than he was. Ursus and Aria had some...peculiarities. The hyperactive boy had quite an unique sense of fashion, and the girl...well...they way her voice changed was disturbing way more than Ursus's clothes.

The red demon managed to maintain her silent composure even when Mary's carriage and the two robot horses arrived, but her expression betrayed quite a bit of surprise. How odder could it get?

"..." a word almost slipped through when every luggage was loaded up in a blink. A speed powered maid.

Heleth's mind digressed briefly about the potential gains for a speedster owning a private cleaning company as Aria introduced her.
Mary Susan Jones. More like Mary Poppins Sue, if all the listed qualities were true!

Heleth silently observed with increasing dismay as people kept entering the carriage. When her turn to get inside came, she was surprised to see it was much bigger than it looked. Was it enchanted or something?

Surprises didn't end there, as the carriage and the horses seemingly had an alternate aircraft mode.
Curses! Culsu would love it! She certainly could say the opposite.

They were soaring in the skies. Wait, was Poppins still outside? Heleth tried to take a glance out of the small window, but couldn't see much more than a blue square with some white clouds passing by.


During the flight they were finally informed by Aria about the purpose of this theme park ride: they had to find a way to erase some memory out of Ethan's head, and apparently their parents knew how to accomplish that.

Unfortunately, according to Aria the proposed solution would involve some convoluted set of tasks, and that was the reason behind their presence there.
Given the amount of odd she witnessed, Heleth had no doubts anything could happen.

So, once they finally got out of the transforming carriage, the demon found herself in the barren garden of a household. In fact, it was so barren even the house looked plain.

As her eyes completed the exploration of the area, Heleth finally spoke.
"Well, I imagined Wonderland a bit more lively."
The place was kind of quiet, for the time being...
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“If you want lively you’ll get it soon enough Heleth.” Sophia stepped outside the carriage and joined her friend outside the house. “Ursus alone is enough to raise the dead, I think the rest of the family would be the same.” If their last encounter was anything to go by, Sophia was definitely expecting something interesting to happen soon.

… Though perhaps not in the way she would like.

Turning to Aria, the Valkyrie frowned in concern. “What, may I ask, are we trying to get Ethan to forget? And why does he need to?” It didn’t seem like a good thing, forgetting something that is, so why did they think it was necessary for Ethan to forget?
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And a motley group it was, as a certain summoner with pumpkin-coloured hair got off next after the Valkyrie. Selene had thought that with graduation things in Hyakuji would be looking to calm down before she returned back to Britain - but sadly things would not be so simple. For the time being, the corporate said nothing, but merely followed behind the others, observing the interactions as she observed the scene thoughtfully.
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Aria thought back, surely she had mentioned why they needed Ethan to forget what he knew. Well, a refresher might be good to say anyways. However, before she could get a word out…

Why don’t you know? Knowledge can be very dangerous to the unprepared.” A woman, dressed in what may be the most stereotypical witch wear possible, appeared and answered the question.

Spoiler: click to toggle

“MOMMY!” Ursus exclaimed as he quite literally jumped on his mother.

Mother?! How many times do I have to tell you not to pop out of nowhere like that?!” Aria looked around. “Is Father going to pop out too?”

I’m afraid he’s moping after one of your classmates mentioned her disappointment.” The witch looking woman patted Ursus on the head as she unwrapped the boy from her body. “Come on dear, we must greet our guests! You can’t be a downer Debbie all day.

I said I wanted to start off with a Sheep War with the neighbors.” A man in a lab coat trudged out from the other side of the carriage with an exaggerated frown on his face. “Now they’ll think we’re just some boring old folk.

Spoiler: click to toggle

“DADDY!” Ursus proceeded to do the same as he did to the woman before, this time to the man now in front of them.

Come now dearest, you don’t look right with a frown like that.” The woman pinched the man’s cheeks. “Give me that confident smirk. Besides, that moment would have added nothing to our son’s journey other than the fact that we’re a bit quirky, and that can be gained a whole bunch of ways.

The man tried his best to be grumpy, but continued pinching and tickling from the woman whittled that away into a hearty chuckle. The man retaliated with his own prodding, and this could have gone on forever if Aria didn’t make a much needed clearing throat cough.

Ah, right, right, let us introduce ourselves.” The man gave a rather dramatic bow. “Doctor Atticus Jones at your service. It’s good to see so many of our children’s friends.

Scarlet F. Jones.” The woman curtsied and began to shake hands with everyone. “Thank you very much for coming to our humble abode. Please come in and make yourselves at home.

Everyone entered the supposedly normal looking house to find… an equally normal looking interior. As they were dragged in, the parents did what they did best, pry into their children’s social lives as embarrassingly as possible.

Now I do believe I asked you to try to find yourself a Valkyrie girlfriend, is this her or did you try to go for something demonic instead?” Mrs. Jones unraveled a roll of measuring tape, wrapping up both Sophia and Heleth. “Oh, quite healthy proportions, although if you want less or more we always have various medications for it.

[Mother I—]

Oh no writing son, I hoped you got rid of that habit.” Dr. Jones grabbed Ethan’s pen and notebook and tossed it aside, leaving it to Mary to pick up. “Here, a sound modifying bowtie! 99% less likely to blow up compared to the last one.

Ethan couldn’t help but think that his father said the exact same thing about the last one.

Oh? Not these two then? That’s a shame.” Mrs. Jones unwrapped the measuring tape and focused on her other children. “Ah, maybe you two got—

Mother, they’re just friends I assure you.” Aria groaned, this could go on for a while. “Just. Friends.”

Baaah, what a bore. Your youth will only last so long. I was hoping the Malkatu girl would have been attached to one of you at least.” Mrs. Jones sighed and shrugged her shoulders. “Teenagerhood is all about sappy melodrama with a dash of ridiculous love triangles you know! Honestly, ruling the world can wait for your adult years you know.

I don’t want to hear that from you two! The both of you didn’t even think about love until you met each other when you were adults.

But we were perfect for each other.” “But we were perfect for each other.

The pair said all at once, wrapping their arms around the other as they did. A moment passed before the parents broke out in laughter and compliments towards each other. This elicited a rather pained groan from Aria.

You’ll understand when you get older dear.” Mrs. Jones reassured her daughter with a pat on the head.

I-I would…” Ethan tested out the so called sound modifying bowtie, which thankfully did not explode. “I would l-like to go to m-my room now.

Why certainly! Oh, but we moved your room to where the rest of your siblings are.” Dr. Jones beckoned everyone towards a set of stairs leading down to what must be the basement. “Figured it was time and all. Come now everyone, let’s meet the rest of the family.

With a sound that sounded a bit too squeaky for a human being to emit, Ethan followed along with everyone else. Everyone found themselves in, once again, a rather bland basement.

Now, to whoever said—

Whomever dear.

No, no, I’m pretty sure it’s who.

Well… either way we’re delaying things aren’t we? Can’t have that now.

Right, right, ok then, the person who claimed us to be so droll… time for a change of scenery.

Dr. Jones walked over to what appeared to be a blank wall and knocked. The woosh of an opening door revealed a hidden elevator. Five of the six currently present Jones family members walked in without fuss, but Ethan had much trepidation in doing so.

Everyone in? Good.” Dr. Jones pushed an arrow pointing downward. “Next stop, the Kindergarten.”

The elevator plunged into the unknown, well unknown for most of the passengers. For a moment, Ethan and Aria were worried more parental embarrassment was incoming, what with the silence surrounding them, but said parents seemed preoccupied with eager anticipation. Ethan did his best to brace himself, he really did, but that went away when the elevator opened up.

A blast of fanfare greeted everyone as they stepped off the elevator. They were met by a crowd of people, most of which were human (or at least looked like it), but several decidedly non-human figures could be made. Ethan could spot a centaur reading in the corner with someone who looked to be on fire, some kind of gynoid conversing with an identical looking girl, a person who changed into a teapot and back to pour a cup, there seemed to be an endless sight of 'peculiar' people before him.

Above, everyone could see the words “Welcome Friends and Family” on a banner strewn across the passageway. For a moment, Ethan thought he was in a mall, but he soon realized the “stores” were actually rooms, with neon signs indicating which room belong to which.

Meet your siblings!” “Meet your siblings!

"W-what? W-who? Eeh?"

"Siblings sweetie, you know, brothers, sisters, something or other. I know you know the definitions."

Ethan’s mind wanted to fly off into Neverland right then and there, but before that, he had to ask one question.

H-how many d-do I—

Before he could get it out, a screen flashed to the side. On it appeared what looked to be a female human, albeit a very blue looking female human.

Spoiler: click to toggle

Mom! Dad! She’s about to hatch!

Oh goodness, we better hurry.

Dr. Jones and Mrs. Jones quickly clapped their hands twice, and with that the crowd dispersed and the floor beneath them began to move. The group was pulled past several rooms until they arrived at one with the words “Kitchen” above the door.

Hector dear!” Mrs. Jones shouted towards the entrance. “We have a devilish guest tonight, so make sure you have one plate NOT made with Holy Water.

Woman! First, I have to make a ‘Welcome Home’ cake, and then birthday cake, and now I have to prepare non-blessed dishes? You drive me crazy!” A voice inside called back.


…nothing mother.

Ok, I love you sweetie, do your best.” Mrs. Jones turned to everyone else. “If you have any allergies make sure to tell Hallie so she can tell Hector. Say hello Hallie.

A screen flickered to life, showing the blue girl from before.

Sup.” The girl replied, giving a wave.

Calling for Mary is also an option.” Mrs. Jones checked the clock. “Now then, let’s be on our way.

The moving walkway went into motion again, this time pulling them all towards a room with “Nursery” above the door. Running inside, they saw several dome covered cribs, with at least 5 of them occupied. In the center was a gigantic blue egg shaking and wobbling. The instant a crack appeared, the parents moved forward, shouting out encouraging phrases. Soon, the egg crumbled to reveal a baby girl… no, make that a baby harpie, with talons for feet and tuffs of blue feathers around her arms… rather wings.

Happy birthday!” “Happy birthday!”

Similar cheers can be heard from outside the Nursery as well. While that went on, Mrs. Jones lifted up the newborn into her arms, cradling and cooing at the little one.

Right, dear, we need a name for her.

Hmm, yes, well Luscinia is a genus of birds, I thought that would be fitting.

Ooh, that sounds lovely, and her feathers are blue so I figure Mytyl would be a good name?


From the play dear, the play.

Ah, very well then, Mytyl L. Jones sounds perfect!

Indeed, indeed.” Mrs. Jones calmed herself enough to address everyone else. “Do know that all of you shouldn’t spread around Mytyl’s middle name, bad manners and quite unlucky you know.

Ethan took advantage of this lull to ask something he had been meaning to ask from the very start.

W-what’s going on?

Oh? We’re celebrating the birth of your 301st sibling.” Dr. Jones shook his head, as if disappointed. “I thought that would be clear. Hard to really mix that up with anything else. Honestly, you really ought to stop questioning the obvious, leaves so much less time to question everything else.

Three hun—” Ethan felt somewhat feverish from hearing the number, almost gasping for breath in fact. “Three hundred and one siblings?! I have three hundred and one siblings?”

Oh? They didn’t mention that?” Mrs. Jones pointed towards Aria and Ursus. “I thought it would have come along with the whole ‘having siblings’ news they should have shared ages ago.

N-no they did not.” Ethan tried to calm himself again, he was on the verge of fainting and he just could not do that right now when there was so much to ask. “W-why do I have three… three… three—

Three hundred and one.” Aria stepped in to help Ethan when it was clear he couldn’t even say the number.

Yes, w-why do I h-have that many? H-how? I don’t understand.

Oh I was hoping this question would come up!” Mrs. Jones said, positively giddy with excitement. “Joseph dear, please watch after your sister for me.

Yes mother.” A boy in the nursery took up the baby chick and began to clean her.

Now, I believe this explanation can be best served there. Everyone on the walkway.” Dr. Jones directed the group towards another room, a theatre this time from the looks of it. “And in you all go.

The three siblings and their classmates quickly took some seats near the front. As they did, Ethan couldn’t help but feel a sense of foreboding, something was going to happen and he was most certainly not going to like what it was. The gigantic red curtain before them was not helping his apprehension.

When they were all seated, slow jazz music began to play in speakers unseen to the group. It somewhat felt like waiting for a movie to start while in the theater. A perfect time to calm down and chat before the show.

"So yeah, those are our parents." Aria let out a humorless chuckle. "Explains a lot doesn't it?"
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Felinia followed the group and was surprised when the mother described her by her faith. Not just as a Kitrian, but a Malkatu! They were keeping a fairly close eye on Hyakuji! Otherwise, she should not even know who Felinia was!

Her answer to Aria's supposedly rhetorical question was "Yes, and raises more. That thing about the names your mother mentioned is not just about bad luck, by the way. If you know someone's full and true name, you can use it to target them with magic. That's why people have Nicknames, and one of the reasons I don't use the name my parents gave me."
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A juvenile looking...uhm...witch appeared on the scene, mentioning knowledge could be dangerous to the unprepared.
Heleth studied the figure, and found herself disagreeing with that statement. How could someone be prepared, or know the need to prepare, without knowledge?

Ethan's noisy brother jumped on the witch, that apparently was his mother. The fact that Ethan's dad was hurt by her disappontment fell on deaf ears.
Slight pout, one eyebrow raised, Heleth studied the man in the lab coat and kept any thought for herself when he mentoned they should have started with a Sheep War.
Oh and she rolled her eyes when Ursus leaped toward him as well.

The scene kept degenerating as husband and wife began to tickle and prod in front of them. Heleth turned her head to look elsewhere. Too bad that clearing didn't offer anything for her gaze to rest on.


Once inside, Scarlet mentioned Ethan should get a girlfriend and...
"Whoah!" Heleth shouted as she backed away of that crazy lady and her measuring tape "Hands off! I'm perfectly fine as I am!"
While she couldn't get any red than she already was, her embarassment was visible.
"What the hell!"

The charade kept going, to the point Heleth fought to keep her mouth shut all the way down the elevator to the kindergarden.

When the doors opened and after the initial, unavoidable surprise, a smile crept on Heleth's face. The girl looked toward Sophia, pointing at the guy that turned into a teapot and commented with "Now, this is more like Wonderland, isn'it?"

No doubt it was chaotic. It honestly ticked off Heleth a little. Good thing she would not have to live among that bunch of people crammed together in a basement under a plain looking house in the middle of nowhere.

It did sound creepier that it was, didn't it?

So, it appeared they did arrive in a particularly interesting moment...the birth of Ethan's 301st sibling... and it wasn't even human to begin with.

All right. That place definitely was in need of a big explaination. Magic? Technology? Unrestrained adoption? Did they abduct half of those kids?

The choral happy birthday left the demon openly perplexed. The level of insanity was so high it was almost breathable.
At least Ethan was as perplexed as she was. That wasn't normal!


Now, sitting in a chair in an underground teather, Heleth mused on the comparison of the elevator they took with the rabbit hole Alice fell into.
Hopefully the incoming video explaination would bring a little more sense in that place...
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San Mei couldn’t help but be impressed by what she was seeing: A whole complex housing three hundred and one supernatural looking beings, if the blue girl was any indication. “Big family lots of fun! Lucky to have so many!” Her adopted family consisted of nearly a hundred monks, so she was used to having many brothers and sisters. In fact she rather liked it.

On the other hand, Sophia was a little… disturbed. Considering a group of people your family is one thing, but she suspected that Ethan’s parents meant “siblings” in the literal sense, especially after seeing the birth of a new member. “This raises more questions than it answers Aria.” The Valkyrie looked around, trying to find some sense of normalcy in all this. “Where did they all come from? There’s no way they are all born naturally, not from two humans at least. Are they homunculi or something?”
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"Well I have to admit you have a pretty impressive mansion right there," Selene remarked as she was being introduced to the rest of the family. But just when the corporate heiress thought they were a large household, she would find that the family was a lot larger than they looked. "That's a strange place for the rest of the family to be, but alright," and with that the summoner would follow the rest of the group as Dr. Jones led them down a flight of stairs, which at first the corporate heiress thought led to the basement, until they entered the elevator.

"Cor blimey, it'd be like what would happen if my family decided to build a research facility right underneath our estate!" Selene mused during the elevator ride, and from the looks of it there seemed to be some kind of research facility right underneath the Jones estate! Being an old estate, the corporate heiress was aware that the Frostfire mansion back home in Britain was built with a number of hidden passageways and secret rooms... but they were nothing like this. This would be more like if her family decided to have a Frostfire Industries facility built right underneath their estate!

Although the corporate heiress' sense of wonderment didn't last long as she witnessed the "birth" of a new member of the family, watching in disbelief as what looked like a harpy - albeit with a strangely blue skin - hatched right out of an egg. "I don't understand..." Selene muttered, echoing Sophia's confusion. She'd known that Frostfire Pharmaceuticals has been involved in some genetic research programs, but nothing like what she was seeing right now!

"If by saying 'family'... does that mean all of them are somehow related to you?" Selene asked, looking at the other denizens of this Moreau-esque research facility, then at Ethan. "Are they like, cloned from your DNA?" the corporate heiress wondered.
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It was unfortunate, but Ethan had no idea how to even begin answering Selene. He wasn’t even aware of siblings of any kind until a week ago, much less this whole facility. Hopefully, Aria had answers for everyone in the group.

Well, for starters, you should know that none of us, sans Ethan, are directly related to Mother and Father. We may have blood relations with each other in some way, but only Ethan was conceived from our parents through natural birth.” Aria thought to elaborate on why, but that seemed like a bit too much information for now. “The rest of us were picked up here and there through various circumstances. For example, I was found on the streets, lacking vocal chords apparently. I believe Mytyl’s egg was found far away from any nest. Hallieremind me again how you got here.

I’m a computer virus AI thing from space.” Hallie appeared on a nearby monitor, showing an image of a probe falling from the sky and landing in some lake. “Sorry, memory is a bit damaged on details and such.

Right, well the point is we’re from a lot of places. Cloning though… that never really worked too well from what I hear. I don't think my parents actually do much with genetics, specifically at least. To be honest I don't know what they do exactly. You might want to ask them about it later.” Aria shrugged her shoulders. “Either way—

Ladies and gentlemen, sorry for the delay.” Dr. Jones strolled across the stage, holding up a microphone.

But please stay seated, for the show is just getting started.” Mrs. Jones did the same, coming across the other side. “Believe me you wouldn’t want to miss this.


The two held up their hand and snapped their fingers. A tune began to play from the speakers, from some piano judging by the sound. Without warning, the two on stage stripped off their clothes, revealing rather fancy clothing beneath.

Now I’m sure you all have questions galore,” Mrs. Jones said, in a rather sing song like way.

Of what had occurred now and before.” Dr. Jones continued the melody.

Quite naturally, the best way to say it allllllll~

Is in a melodious timbre and joyful callllllll~

In other words…


Preferably in catchy theatre musical form.

Oh no.” Aria shook her head, wearing a face filled scarlet.

“OOH YAY!” Ursus ran towards the stage and disappeared down some hole that appeared out of nowhere.

Ethan couldn’t help but think that he was finally going to die, by embarrassment. To be honest, it wasn’t the worst thing he imagined himself dying by, but it was up there.

The gigantic red curtain parted open to reveal what could only be described as a Frankenstein-like mishmash of several large musical numbers rammed together with random, if yet appropriate, choreography, with set pieces to match.

Now~ let us start from the very, very beginning. Though it might take a while to tell~” Mrs. Jones walked forward, holding up her arms in a dramatic pose.

Let us assure you now, this story will surely end well~” Dr. Jones joined her, in a mirrored posed to the right.

Let us start at the very, very beginning, when we were so young.

A budding scientist.

A little witch.

Who dreamed of things, big things, to come.

Now fast forward a few years, some failures, and a meeting between…







In short their other half.

It didn’t take too long for… we’ll let you do the math.” Mrs. Jones said, giving a not so subtle wink.

Now let’s fast forward through the weddings, then their first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth born.

And get to the seventh, you know him.

Ethan Script Jones.” “Ethan Script Jones.

A spotlight turned on, illuminating a groaning Ethan to the dim theatre.

When he was born, all healthy and perfect.” A picture of a baby Ethan was shown in his crib, sleeping the day in blissful unawareness.

They wanted to celebrate the night away.

But had to make sure it was worth it.

So they tried their very best to raise him right.

Make him strong.

Make him smart.

Free of allergies.

Lactose tolerant.

Brave and daring.

Skilled and sharp.

However… those plans fell apart.

A slideshow featuring their “plans” was shown. There were three that really stood out. The one showing Ethan trying to do some kind of weight exercise, but considering his age landed him in a hospital bed. One showing the boy with a vacant look in his apparently glowing eyes as his head was hooked to some machine. Finally, one with him wrapped up in a blanket as he watched some scary movie with his parents making calculations and figures on the side, probably explaining the cost/benefit of going up the stairs in a horror movie.

Instead they made him a bit too fearful.

A bit too weak.

A bit too timid.

A bit too meek.

So they wondered what to do, what to do?

Everything they did just made it all worse.

And they thought and thought until they got the idea:

Give him siblings of course.” “Give him siblings of course.

For a rival.

For a friend.

For a teacher.

For any kind of background character.

So this was the plan.

We gather, make, create, bake, mold, find, clone, grow, and digitize.

Let me assure you this was not from a white van.

And we didn’t hand out any candy either.


Several youths, ranging from teenaged to toddler, popped out either from below the floor or dropped down from the ceiling.

Let me introduce the first.

Though some might say the worst.

Ursus Minus Jones, an impossibility made man.

Ursus himself jumped out of nowhere, giving a victory sign as he did.

You see we tried to make a sort of clone.

Or a robot.

Or really anything at first.

But after a night of half-baked plans.

We didn’t have much of worth.

Then next morning dawn.

We found a baby full of mirth.

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

We went right ahead with our goal.

To raise him as an enemy.

A villain.

At the very least a troll.

For you see, all great people have great enemies.

And our son shall be a great person.

This time we’ll get it right.

A moment later, we got a bag wearing, light fearing little tyke.

Ursus gave a bow as he descended into the stage floor.

Skipping along now, let’s just say we tried many things.

Found many orphans, not too hard to get behind the scenes.

Eventually after the last dud.

Aria to be exact.

HEY!” Aria jumped to defend herself, but unfortunately they quickly moved on from her outburst.

We tried to flip it around.

And let the children decide the facts.

"For surely everyone wants to be something."

"And that something we will do our best to give."

So now we got~

Lion children.” Dr. Jones pointed towards a boy, who took a bow towards the audience and transformed into a lion and proceeded to jump through a flaming hoop.

Little water sprite kids.” Mrs. Jones held up two translucent looking kindergartners.

And a water lion cub too.” “And water lion clubs too.

With that, a lioness emerged from some fountain, transforming into a watery looking girl before turning back.

Oh that was a tricky one.

Good thing that doctor came around.

What was his name again?

Who knows. I think it was Frank Shellman or something.

Ah well, who cares.” “Ah well, who cares.

Moving along, name anything.

Anything at all.

And we can show that child to you.

Let’s say a dog girl.

Or an android boy.

Even a dog android named Drew.
Even a dog android named Drew.

"Complete with all the features you'd want."

Though admittedly robotics are not our big forte.

We should really look up that one person you mentioned, Mary Fanning?

No, I think it was Emilia Atkins.

Maria Annings.” “Maria Annings.”

No that can’t be it.” “No that can’t be it.

Anyways, like we’ve said, we got them all.


And pirates.

And…wait, we did this twice already.” “And...wait, we did this twice already.

So let’s not waste any time.

And let’s just say.

That if you want a character.

Someone with real personality.

Or want to be someone like that.

Just come right this wayyyy~!” “Just come right this wayyyy~!

With that the music started to fade away. As it came to an end, Dr. and Mrs. Jones bowed to their small audience, with someone playing a clapping soundtrack in the background. When they were done, they took off their clothes, revealing their original wardrobe underneath, and walked towards everyone else.

Right, that was a lot to take in all at once, but we thought it was the best thing to do for now.” Dr. Jones shrugged his shoulders. “Get everyone up to speed and such.

So, any questions before we move on?” Mrs. Jones asked, looking at the group. “Don’t be shy now, speak up.
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Felinia had been paying attention, and was interested
"I have a few questions. Firstly, did give the children their abilities, or did they already have them? Secondly, I'm running a homeless shelter and some people there are kids with powers, so I'm wondering if you would be willing to visit and help them get control of their abilities? Of course, if the kids wish for it, and I get to check on them, would you be interested in adopting more?"

. . . . Yes, Felinia is given these crazies access to more kids they might be interested in experimenting on . . . . Well, at least their hearts were in the right place, their heads, not so much.
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Heleth couldn't take it. The red demon just held her head and wondered if it was just a bad dream. No. Just...just no.

No, really. What did she just see? Why were those two still out of an asylum? they definitely would give Culsu a run for her money!
Her eyes moved on Ethan. Poor unfortunate kid. No wonder he was such a wimp! they traumatized him since his birth!
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San Mei, only being properly fluent in Chinese, had no idea what the entire presentation was about. Instead she was merely happy for the entertainment and applauded as if she was at the end of an opera.

As for Sophia, she had went from disturbed to full on alarmed. “That’s not how you raise a child!” Granted she had no experience with raising kids, but even she knew what Mr. and Mrs. Jones were doing was borderline insane. In fact, she was beginning to understand why Ethan was the way he is. “You… You can’t just make people to fill the various roles in your son’s life! People are more complex than that, they’re not single-minded drones that only have one purpose. Ethan needs to meet his own friends, rivals, and teachers, real people. And… How are you even making these people?”
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Die, Steak, Die!
"Um... right..." Selene murmured as the couple that is the heads of the house - Dr. Jones and Mrs. Jones - introduced them to a brief history of their family via a musical performance; how the couple met, married and had their children - and their failures trying to get Ethan to become the perfect kid, which drove their plan to give him siblings - though not quite the way one would expect, as explained earlier in how only Ethan was their actual biological offspring.

"You're right, that's quite a lot to take in..." Selene added, not knowing what to make of all this; besides the ethical implications of creating life through artificial means, there's also a question of Ethan's upbringing - could the boy be even said to have a childhood? She could only wonder. "Nothing that I have to say that Sophia hadn't already covered," Selene remarked as the couple asked their audience if they had any questions; the valkyrie had echoed the summoner's feelings - was this even the right thing to do? And how did they go about creating these artificial lifeforms?

"I'll just use this as a chance to catch a break before we move on," the corporate heiress commented. "Is there a bathroom nearby? I could use a bathroom break at the moment."
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Ethan didn’t know what to say. He could barely process this information, and he had a feeling that this was just the tip of the iceberg. The boy felt like his thoughts, words, and senses were ripped out of him; as though they were whisked away by some phantom thief. Was that possible? Could some malevolent masked marauder have stolen them right beneath his nose? Were his lungs gone too? He certainly had trouble breathing right now. Oh gosh darn it, where were his lungs and why weren’t they filling him with life giving oxygen right now?

I can’t believe you two! No, all of you!” Aria stood up and pointed at her family. “How could you do all of this?! Having an elaborate musical number? Really? Of all things you do this?”

A sense of camaraderie filled Ethan. Finally someone that would understand. It was a very comforting sensation to be sure.

Without me? That’s just terrible!” Aria pouted. “And honestly, that song was terrible. It didn’t flow well in the least! You should have at least let me help with the melody.

Ethan suddenly felt very alone.

Now now dear, you were away, we couldn’t very well consult you on this.” Dr. Jones walked up to his daughter to pat her on the head. “Not when you need to focus on your studies. Multitasking is a terrible thing after all.

Besides, we wanted to surprise you too!” Mrs. Jones added. “And surprises aren’t surprises unless they shock someone.

I guess,” Aria replied, feeling defeated.

Now then, first things first, some presents.” Mrs. Jones pulled out what looked like wireless earpieces from her hat. “These will translate anything you say… while you are in our home at least.

Oh, so that’s why we’ve been speaking in another language.” Dr. Jones snapped his fingers, as if he finally understood some question that has been haunting him. “Thought today was Wednesday or something.

Today is Wednesday dear, but that’s not important.” Mrs. Jones waved towards the screen, at which point Hallie appeared and gave a thumbs up. “All good. It should be working now. Feel free to indulge in whatever language you please.

Hmm, should we do the song again?” Dr. Jones asked.

We better not, your voice sounds a tad bit raspy right now.” Mrs. Jones reached out to massage her husband’s throat. “More importantly, Mary, would you take Miss Frostfire to the bathroom.

Yes mother.” The maid in question seemed to have appeared out of air, right behind their seats. “If you would follow me please.

Don’t worry, Hallie will let you listen on our explanations so you won’t miss a thing.” Mrs. Jones said as the two left. “Though you won’t be able to say anything back though, but you should be focusing on your bodily functions—

Mother! Really!” Aria groaned. “Are you trying to be the most embarrassing parents in the world right now?”

Bodily functions are nothing to be ashamed of.” Dr. Jones said. “Besides, it’s our job to embarrass you.

Indeed it is. Though that can wait for later. I believe we have a bit more important things to discuss right now.” Mrs. Jones stepped towards Sophia and patted her head. “I believe you had a few reservations about our parenting?

To which we agree completely.” Dr. Jones nodded his head, rather enthusiastically so. “We admit we didn’t realize this at first, but people do need to be quite dynamic in order to survive our harsh world.

Though you must realize there were difficulties in raising Ethan. Primarily our fault of course, but that doesn’t change the facts.” Mrs. Jones shrugged her shoulders. “The boy refused to come out of his room for years you know. It was only natural that we had to prepare a more… measured environment for him.

Though we never got to really implement that.” Dr. Jones chuckled. “Couldn’t if we wanted to.

Mhmm, in fact, I believe you all are misunderstanding something.” Mrs. Jones held up her hands. “Only 10 of our kids were ‘made’ by us from scratch, and more or less through unexpected incidents. Everyone else we gathered here and there. Maybe we found them on the streets or in some forest all on their lonesome. For example, the egg Mytyl came from some land quite far from normal civilization.

That was certainly a grand experience wasn’t it?” Dr. Jones said, mind recalling the experience. “Really wish we could have taken some samples of that water.

You win some, you lose some my dear.” Mrs. Jones sighed before resuming her explanation. “Oh, I should also mention that most of our children had their abilities either come naturally or from a means entirely unrelated to us.

To be quite frank, our success ratio for much of what we do is very low.” Dr. Jones squeezed two of his fingers together to illustrate that fact. “Most of the time, our experiments have a way of bringing the unexpected. One might call them a string of fortunate accidents.

Random mixing of potions leading to someone being able to turn into goo. Sending a probe into space, only for it to crash back down with an unexpected AI daughter virus thing.” Mrs. Jones said, voice tinged with fondness. “Really, looking at it, it’s quite amusing how much better just letting them do what they want ended up.

That’s not to say we haven’t attempted giving a hand or two in their development. Sadly, unless their abilities fall under our area of study, we usually take a back seat while they do their own research and development.” Dr. Jones pointed towards Felinia. “Sorry miss, I’m afraid we wouldn’t be able to help much with your orphanage. Although, if any of them want to come live with us, just send them our way.

Now, enough of listening to our boring talk. Please enjoy yourselves until dinner time. Our home is your home as the saying goes.” Mrs. Jones started to hand out what looked like a map to everyone. “If you get lost, just ask Hallie or Mary and they’ll help.

Although, if you would like to listen to us old folk, you are all welcome to help our little experiments.” Dr. Jones suggested. “We do love a little assistance every now and then.

With that, the two walked off, leaving everyone in the theatre. Ethan took a glance at the map his mother had handed out, and it looked suspiciously like a directory for some mall. In fact… it was a directory for some mall, with the shop names scribbled out with sections like “weather area” or “mechanical service.” After a bit, he finally found his room… at the other end. Well, better now than later.


Ursus did have a point, the directory seemed to be filled with a wide assortment of names. No doubt having 300 or so kids with a multitude of abilities would warrant such a mish-mash.
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Felinia listened well, and thought of a few things.

After the couple left, and they were trying to decide where to go, Felinia said "I'd be interested in something dealing with Celestials, Deities, or Demons. Also, I want to talk to them latter about raising Mytyl. Got an egg back home that's going to hatch and I think learning from the experienced would be a good idea. No, I did not lay it."

Moving onto another matter "Aria, Ursus, you wanted us here for a reason. I'd like to get it finished so we can take care of the meme-forms we left behind. Sunny is too dangerous to leave loose."
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Heleth just sat there, arms crossed, slight frown on her face.
What a circus.

Despite the crazy couple's somewhat weak justifications, it still felt messed up.
Selene went to the bathroom, and that other odd girl was denied help for her orphanage.

The demon pondered about that matter, but kept her thoughts for herself.
A homeless shelter for people with powers...

At any rate her attention moved to the "mall map" they were given.

It seemed the situation deprived the girl of her speech. In any case, she definitely didn't want to go and check the animal appendages section.

As Felinia attempted to change the subject to their original purpose for their visit, she just pushed on that direction.

"Yeah. Let's take care of the issues that brought us here. We're just wasting time at the moment!"
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So they were more like inexperienced foster parents than anything... Sophia supposed that was better... somewhat, but still wasn't comfortable with what they were doing. "I can understand how you can manage ten or even twenty children, but three hundred? How can you take care of them all? Is this complex even a suitable environment for raising kids?" Judging by the map it looked okay, but she couldn't see this place as more than an underground bunker or something of the sort.

"Now Miss Sophia, you shouldn't underestimate the advantages of a close knit community."

The voice was familiar, but the eloquent tone was not. Sophia had just finished putting on the translator and turned to San Mei in surprise. "Such communities foster a sense of comradery and belonging among the members, and help greatly in developing social skills. While each child may not have as much attention as they would from traditional parents, Mister and Missus Jones have done an admirable job in providing a safe environment for each child to seek their own way. After all, it is ultimately the children who decide who they will become."

"I... I guess..." It wasn't that Sophia didn't understand that, but this complex didn't look like what San Mei had described. Perhaps it was better if she saw it for herself. But first... "Yes, Ethan is most important right now. You have the means to help him, right?"
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Ethan thought back to that last conversation with Sunny, that strange sense of finality about it. Previously, he didn’t know how to bring it up with his sister, seeing as how she insisted to keep quiet about it all. That and he was a poor conversationalist; the boy wasn’t sure he could even talk about it now, even with it being the main point of the conversation.

HMM, ETHAN, YOUR THOUGHTS BRO?” Ursus turned towards Ethan, patting him on the back as he did. “YOU DID TALK TO HER LAST.

What? Why wasn’t I told about this?” Aria asked.

WELL, HARD TO BRING THAT STUFF UP WHEN YOU KEEP HUSHING IT.” Ursus placed the palm of his hand against Aria’s face, preventing a retort. “ANYWHO, WHAT’S YOUR TAKE ON IT BRO?

Well, that is to say, I mean…” Ethan took a deep breath. “It felt like she… faded away. Like… dying, but more so… or maybe less so. It’s hard to explain.”


Are you really sure about this? I mean I guess the Mem Form is one thing, but with Sunny, how do you really know she’s gone? This is ‘villains comes back’ 101 brother dear, no dead body means they come back.” Aria honestly didn’t like using the logic of her parents, so she followed up with an additional protest. “I mean it’s just a feeling, we can’t really rely on something like that.


Aria wasn’t completely convinced, but you can’t exactly argue with crazy, ends up with a headache most of the time. Right now, a way to pass the time would be most appreciated, and so far Felinia’s suggestion is the only one.

Well, Joseph handled most of the egg care.” Aria pulled out her phone and started dialing. “I’m sure he’ll be happy to help if we just asked politely.

A call and an explanation later…

Haaah? Are you kidding me? Look it up yourselves you lazy bums.” An exhausted voice emerged from the phone’s speaker. “I don’t have time for that kind of thing.

D-do you know who you’re talking to?!? I’m your sister! You don’t—

And I’m your ELDER brother. I have seniority here. That means if I tell you to drop it, then you drop it.” A long sigh was heard. “Look, sis, it’s good and all to hear you making friends, but that doesn’t mean you can just ask me for help and I’ll do it, especially something as time consuming as incubating an egg. I’m in charge of EVERYONE’S health here. Do you know the kind of work I have to do with so many varying kinds of biological needs? I’m not Mary you know. Heck, even Mary has her limits.


…ok well, no, not really, but that’s beside the point. Look, if you need info about incubating eggs, just go to the library, we should have something there. Might help out with that other stuff, higher realm beings of unfathomable power and whatnot.

Fine, fine, we’ll go to the library. Yeesh.

Good to know the art of research isn’t lost.” Another sigh was heard, this time it was interrupted by an alarm. “Gosh darn it to heck, I thought I said to throw those edible flamethrowers away! Right, I gotta take care of this, you all behave now.

Hanging up, Aria turned towards the others.

Well, I guess the library is a good place for info, if rather dull. Well just follow me—


“…I know that annoying, forcefully haughty laugh anywhere.

Aria turned to see… a very gaudy pink carriage charging towards her. The neon brightness actually seemed to be assaulting their eyes, with Ethan already collapsing due to the impact. Aria, refusing to back down, continued to glare at the vehicle until it came to a stop in front of her. The top of the carriage opened, pushing up a platform and a blinding array of lights. At the center was a little girl, looking no older than 10, wearing what has to be one of the world’s laciest outfits.

Elizabeth K. Jones

OHOHOHOHOHOHOH~! I see you’ve returned LITTLE sister.” The girl walked up to Aria, walking on top of a box that suddenly moved in front of her like a step. “I was afraid you wouldn’t be coming back on account of your ABSOLUTE FAILURE of properly introducing our honored brother. To top it off, you had to ask our good parents to help FIX YOUR MISTAKE.

Eeeeeh? What was that you shrimp? I couldn’t hear you on account of your insect-sized lungs.” Aria glared down at the smaller girl. “Honestly, how could anyone listen to someone so mousey?

What was that you cow? I’m fricken adorable! Who wouldn’t listen to me?” The girl glared right back. “Better than some overweight giantess who sounds like a mix tape!






3 SETS!”


With that, the two raced off, leaving the rest of the group behind. Not a moment later, Hallie appeared on a nearby screen.

Ahah, sorry about that. Those two were always big on the ‘sibling rivalry’ thing.” Hallie showed a few photos of said rivalry. “Anyways, I’ll show you to the library now. I’ll tell your friend too.”

Um, may I just return to my room?” Ethan asked.

You sure you don’t want to meet more of the family?”

Well, that is to say…

Well, no pressure, your room’s actually pretty close to it, and by that I mean Mom and Dad put your room in the library.” Hallie shrugged. “I dunno, maybe they wanted you to read more or something.”

A trail of lights lit up, leading the group further into the facility. Along the way, Hallie started to show off various places, like a tour guide, though most probably wouldn’t be in the mood for it. Like a party that’s gone on too long, a feeling of being overwhelmed filled Ethan. Truthfully that was back when he found out about Aria and Ursus, but now they were just going for overkill.


One could only hope.

Before long, they had arrived at the library, at least according to the sign. Walking through the doors, everyone could see that it lived up to its name, with countless number of books lining the walls. Crammed into every nook, stacked on most of the chairs and tables, and piling up every other patch of floor, the tomes of knowledge never seemed to end. It wasn’t just books either, video cassettes, tapes, CDs, DVDs, even games were found scattered throughout. It was a miracle no one inside tripped over anything, but the inhabitants of this place no doubt grew accustomed to this collage of media.

Right, Owen here is the librarian, so ask him if you want to find anything.” Hallie angled her screen and pointed to a boy sleeping on a literal bed of books. “For now, just follow standard library rules of ‘shhhh’ and have fun until dinnertime. Ethan, your room is just a ladder climb away.

With that, the girl blinked out of her screen to parts unknown. Ethan, not wanting to do something as strenuous or as dangerous as climb a ladder to his room, started to fish for something new to read. Until Ursus dragged him out of the library.


With that, the two left, leaving the rest behind at the library. Well, surely there must be something in here that would perk their interests.
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