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What's in a name anyways?
Alright let's do this.

First off, what are both Sol and Yepa in relation to Nezha? I mean this mechanically, not story wise; how do they function within a combat scenario. Currently, there is not mention of how their power can be used, merely what they are. The biography suggests that they simply appear when she faces emotional duress, but no mention is made in the power itself.

Additionally, the powers held by both summons are hyper generalized, and any descriptors are relative adjectives with no comparison. This liberty is great from a writing perspective, but alas, as this is a collaborative writing endeavor, some hard constants are required.

For example, though quantifiable limits are in place for Sol's physical abilities, aside from range, there are no indicators of the magnitude of his flames.

This case is similar for Yepa, only descriptors are relative adjectives, some hard points for magnitudes would be appreciated.

Of course, the rule of three applies here; Nezha's last power is also susceptible to this. How cosmic energy translates into repairing carbon based bodies aside, there are some incongruities with your description. First off, it is stated that Nezha may only heal the wounds which the body itself is capable of recovering from, but, aside from very minor conditions, bodies tend to not be able to recover from direct damage to organs or the failures of them. Additionally, you state that she faints should she overexert herself, but again, the point this occurs is nebulous at best. Again, the syndrome of relative adjectives.

Generally, flesh out the concepts you have in mind, and think of answers to use cases that you believe may be relevant. It doesn't have to be exhaustive, but it does need to be existent.
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