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Regular Forum Welcome Forum
New to the site? Come here and introduce yourself!
HI, new 50 minutes ago, By Tsundere
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Join the site by submitting a profile here! Be sure to read the rules before submitting a profile. For incomplete profiles, please post them in the WIPs forum.
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Red Hydra Ranger! Yesterday, 8:54 AM, By LunarCataphract
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Subforums: WIPs, Denied profiles
Regular Forum Announcements
The latest news and announcements can be found here.
The End of the Beginning May 23 2017, 12:33 PM, By Blitzscythe
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Regular Forum General Discussions
For discussions regarding anything and everything!
Tan your Summer Anime 2017 Today, 9:43 AM, By Hayate
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Subforums: Personal Plots, Suggestions, Inactivity and Farewells
Regular Forum Graphics and Artwork
A forum for all your graphic and artwork needs!
Fin's Pocket Commission May 14 2017, 09:34 PM, By Fin
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Regular Forum Roleplay Sandbox
For members to play out any in-character plots and adventures from the old site
[LiT] Our House Jun 3 2017, 04:58 AM, By Sophia
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Information Forums

Regular Forum Getting Started
(Mandatory Reading) Everything you need to know before getting started on roleplaying; site essentials such as rules, premise information and more!
Character Powers and Limits Mar 16 2017, 12:14 AM, By Lawman
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Regular Forum Guides
(Recommended Reading) Guides to help you role play and get to know the site!
Cellular Phones and You: A brief primer on… Jun 1 2017, 10:32 PM, By Lawman
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Regular Forum Character Profiles
Here you may find all the active characters registered on the site.
Ashley Solis Jun 20 2017, 10:19 AM, By Lawman
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Subforums: First Year Students, Second Year Students, Third Year Students, Teachers, Others, SPD, Character Archives
Regular Forum Clubs and Organisations
Here you may find a list of active clubs and organisations. For information regarding the creation of clubs, please refer to the rules!
Security Sector Jun 6 2017, 12:25 AM, By Lawman
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Subforums: Applications, School Clubs, Organisations, Archived
Regular Forum Kaneshima Media
From official news networks, to social media feeds, this is where one can keep in touch with the latest IC going-ons in Kaneshima and beyond, as well as for characters to keep in touch with one another digitally! (Note: This is an in-character forum)
[Show] Idol Talk 1: Now in Kaneshima May 27 2017, 06:57 PM, By Kyrielite
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Senki Academy

Regular Forum School Grounds
Starting from the great gated front entrance of the school, surrounded by tall brick walls and spanning across the rest of the institution, it's an expansive land of grassy field neatly taken care of daily by the gardener, with walkways made of bricks running across the entire institute, along with cherry blossom trees and miniature gardens dotting the area every now and then.
Justify Myself Jun 20 2017, 11:32 AM, By Lawman
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Subforums: School Gates, Track Field
Regular Forum Main Building
The epicenter and the largest building on campus. Standing 5 stories tall with a large clock tower built into the center, the building is home to many of the classrooms and facilities such as the cafeteria and many of the faculty related facilities. It sports a highly contemporary architecture, signifying it's vision as a school for the youth of the future generation. Below the Main Building lie 2 basement levels, with special facilities which require a teacher or special permission to access.
Don't hit your head. Jun 21 2017, 11:07 PM, By Jonny
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Subforums: Classrooms, Faculty Office, Infirmary Room, Cafeteria, Science Lab, Home Economics, Rooftop
Regular Forum Student Building
Standing at 4 stories tall, this building houses many of the extracurricular facilities that students use, as well as other student services. While the first floor is reserved for shops, game rooms, and R&R, the upper floors are reserved for standard clubs and facilities. The Student Council also operates out of this building, making it central to the school's budding administration.
Noble Natter Today, 1:06 PM, By bonniecanuck
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Subforums: Student Council Office
Regular Forum Gymnasium
A vast series of interconnected complexes, the 'Gymnasium' is custom built to accommodate the sporting needs of the students, both ordinary and extraordinary. Sports Clubs in need of dedicated facilities - such as the swimming club - are almost invariably based out of here, with the expectation that they share with those simply seeking leisure time. Due to the size of its halls, it is also a common assembly area, and may be used to host the occasional event.
Move like a breeze, hit like a hurricane! Today, 12:35 PM, By Nomad
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Subforums: Swimming Pool, Dojo
Regular Forum Library
A sea of books and knowledge awaits anyone who comes into this newly built library. One can hope to find any and everything here, with tables, chairs, and sofas where they can sit and read to their hearts content. There are also computers that students can use to help with their research.
Such a vast library!...... Jun 15 2017, 08:09 PM, By LunarCataphract
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Regular Forum Dormitories
Two large apartment-like buildings within the school ground provided for transferred students, who do not already have a place to stay in the city. It is six stories high with forty rooms on each level, each room being a 1LDK meant to accommodate up to three students, with the corner rooms being 2LDKs meant to accommodate up to four students. The two buildings are separated by gender, and students are not allowed to be in the opposite gender's building after hours.
An evening of entertainment. Today, 7:27 PM, By LunarCataphract
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Subforums: Yuri Dormitory, Bara Dormitory

Kaneshima Island

Regular Forum Downtown
The heart of Kaneshima's growing cityscape. A mix of old and new, one can see steel and glass towers rise in the midst of Meiji era brickwork, and trendy retailers stand side by side with century-old firms. It may not be Tokyo, but you'll find most of needs met here.
A lost cat (full) Yesterday, 8:23 AM, By LunarCataphract
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Subforums: Kaneshima Dome, Kaneshima Station, Sewers, Frostfire Tower, Rabenschwarz Towers II, VeNM-KC Building
Regular Forum Suburban District
The suburbs is where most of the city lives and includes several apartment complexes and many residents. Many of the city's academic institutions can be found here, along with other community services such as the police station and restaurants. Some of the native people of Kaneshima come here to set up shop in hopes of sharing their traditional culture.
Welcome to the machine 41 minutes ago, By Tsundere
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Subforums: Kaneshima Elementary School, Kaneshima Middle School, Kaneshima High School, Kaneshima University, Kaneshima Police Department, JSDF HQ, Plato Building
Regular Forum Kaneshima Broadway
The recently renovated 'youth' - read: otaku - district of the city, Kaneshima Broadway, once home to many traditional businesses, is now bursting at the seams with parlours of pop culture and modern electronics. Only on the Broadway will you see body pillows and figurines sold opposite 100,000 yen cameras and computers.
[OtO] Inciting Insight Today, 1:07 AM, By Lawman
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Subforums: Star Camera
Regular Forum Kaneshima Beach
A beautiful scene to behold and one of the main attractions of the island. With a nice breeze, warm sand and clear water and even its beautiful coral reefs; Kaneshima beach is one of the most popular site for hanging out on the island and one of its main attractions.
Seagazer Jun 4 2017, 02:38 PM, By Hayate
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Regular Forum Kaneshima Shrine
A local shrine enclosed within a courtyard, and with a small section of the forest all to itself; no-one is quite sure who it is dedicated to. Some locals say that the spirit of the city itself resides there, whilst others think of it as merely another place to buy some sake. By the way, its only 1,000 yen a bottle!
[FINALE] A Day to Awaken May 15 2017, 05:18 PM, By Corruption
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Regular Forum Kaneshima Port
The great hub of activity of present day Kaneshima, and for now, its economic heart. The last few years have seen it expand considerably in order to facilitate the development of Senki Academy, and subsequently, all the businesses that have followed in its wake. Dozens of warehouses line the shore now, with half a dozen large vessels docked on any given day of the week. Smaller scale businesses, including fishermen and diving schools, are also docked nearby, alongside privately owned vessels.
And The Beat Goes On Jun 24 2017, 08:25 PM, By Momo
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Subforums: Eva Corp Factory
Regular Forum Kaneshima Airport
A single runway, domestic airport, that starts by the sea and stops by the forest - no small comfort for those pilots that must make the landing. For many years, it was practically the plaything of private air enthusiasts, and though the terminal has been renovated, debates rage on whether or not - and how - to expand its capacity.
Welcome to the family Jun 12 2017, 12:42 PM, By Lawman
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Regular Forum Mount Kaneshima
Known simply as 'the Mountain', this is the great summit that Kaneshima lies in the shadow of. A volcano that has lain dormant since the 1700s - before the island even had its name - it was the heart of a great gold rush in the 1800s that ended too soon for anyone's liking. Forest has largely overgrown it on all sides, and it makes for a great weekend hike.
[EPILOGUE] Men's Baths Today, 1:17 PM, By Nomad
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Subforums: Abandoned Mines, Kaneshima Forest
Regular Forum Kanekojima Nature Reserve
An island away from the city where various flora and fauna live untouched by man. While it is open for visit, it is also home to many supernatural creatures so it is actually quite a dangerous place. If you do visit, please take only pictures and leave only footprints.
The call of the wild Jun 10 2017, 01:22 PM, By Corruption
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Regular Forum Great Miyazaki Bridge
The unusually long bridge connecting Kaneshima Island to the coast of Miyazaki prefecture. It is one of three ways for people to reach the island from the mainland, either by the road or the railway system, with the other option being by the sea or by taking a domestic flight from select airports. For some reason the locals are insistent on the bridge being made of gold, though more than likely it is due to them claiming it should be named after the island.
Always A Catch Jun 24 2017, 10:36 AM, By bonniecanuck
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Regular Forum Outside Kaneshima
For role plays that take place outside of Kaneshima Island. Please use this forum sensibly and limit your use of this forum to areas that your character could and would realistically go to.
Adventure to another realm Jun 22 2017, 02:38 PM, By Sophia
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honako academy Jun 13 2017, 11:48 PM, By Guest
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