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Suburban District

Regular Forum Kaneshima Elementary School
The local centre of education for the young children of the city, Kaneshima Elementary is a post-war construction that is somewhat showing its age. Nevertheless, plans are being considered to expand the school, as the city's population boom sees it slowly fill with the children of migrating parents.
Case 2 Oct 15 2016, 02:46 AM, By Flambe
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Regular Forum Kaneshima Middle School
Kaneshima Middle School is the least affected of all the city's academic institutions, by all the changes that have gone on the last few years. Whilst it has seen some growth, many new students are either too old or too young, leaving the Middle School with a few years of breathing room. Middle School students are a frequent sight around the town even on school days, as the present Principal is astonishingly fond of day trips to local businesses and heritage sites.
The Man Who Tried To Ruin Valentine's Day Mar 19 2016, 10:18 AM, By Jonny
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Regular Forum Kaneshima High School
The original High School of the city, which continues on in order to serve the needs of the city's non-powered population. In many ways, the archetypal Japanese high school, with chalkboards, wooden desks, and the overworked staff - all under budget whilst Senki seems to get all it needs. Much of its land - including some old buildings, and the sports field - was sold off to make room for Senki Academy, and plug budget shortfalls.
[FINALE] Pride Before The Fall May 15 2017, 05:40 AM, By NPC Bot
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Regular Forum Kaneshima University
Founded in the Meiji era as a means of securing the town's legacy after the gold rush died down, Kaneshima University has been a minor but meaningful place of higher education for much of its history. Now, it slowly undergoes renovation, to turn it into a facility that can properly complement Senki Academy, and support potential graduates.
In-Depth Guide for Kaneshima University Nov 30 2016, 07:34 AM, By Jonny
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Regular Forum Kaneshima Police Department
Located right in the middle of the suburban district are Kaneshimas finest protecting and serving the good people of Kaneshima, the Police force is always on call to protect those from harm. With high end equipment and various buildings to aid them in with law enforcement the Kaneshima Police Department is ready for any situation.
Dont do the crime if you cant do the time … Jun 26 2016, 11:23 AM, By Kaito
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) JSDF HQ
This 'HQ' is little more than an office building squeezed between a Ramen shop and an local coffin store. Largely intended as an administration centre to oversee developments - and potential incidents - from Senki Academy, whilst a more permanent headquarters remains under proposal, its staff are largely pencil pushers who'd prefer not to be there. But if something seems likely to be a threat to the city, the nation, or even the globe, they're there... to file the report!
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Regular Forum Plato Building
Plato Building is a modern apartment built to meet the predicted increase in residents with the construction of Senki Academy. Plato Building is a thirteen floor building that comes with its own parking facilities and provides accommodation to meet the needs of both large families and students living on their own.
Lazy Day ~ A Well Deserved Break Today, 5:05 PM, By Sophia
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Suburban District
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