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Senki Academy

Regular Forum School Grounds
Starting from the great gated front entrance of the school, surrounded by tall brick walls and spanning across the rest of the institution, it's an expansive land of grassy field neatly taken care of daily by the gardener, with walkways made of bricks running across the entire institute, along with cherry blossom trees and miniature gardens dotting the area every now and then.
A Brighter Day Today, 12:57 AM, By SbesPlz
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Subforums: School Gates, Track Field
Regular Forum Main Building
The epicenter and the largest building on campus. Standing 5 stories tall with a large clock tower built into the center, the building is home to many of the classrooms and facilities such as the cafeteria and many of the faculty related facilities. It sports a highly contemporary architecture, signifying it's vision as a school for the youth of the future generation. Below the Main Building lie 2 basement levels, with special facilities which require a teacher or special permission to access.
Omphalos Syndrome [CLASS] Aug 15 2018, 10:38 PM, By Maou
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Subforums: Classrooms, Faculty Office, Infirmary Room, Cafeteria, Science Lab, Home Economics, Rooftop
Regular Forum Student Building
Standing at 4 stories tall, this building houses many of the extracurricular facilities that students use, as well as other student services. While the first floor is reserved for shops, game rooms, and R&R, the upper floors are reserved for standard clubs and facilities. The Student Council also operates out of this building, making it central to the school's budding administration.
An Unorthodox Jam Session Aug 12 2018, 01:19 AM, By SbesPlz
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Subforums: Student Council Office
Regular Forum Gymnasium
A vast series of interconnected complexes, the 'Gymnasium' is custom built to accommodate the sporting needs of the students, both ordinary and extraordinary. Sports Clubs in need of dedicated facilities - such as the swimming club - are almost invariably based out of here, with the expectation that they share with those simply seeking leisure time. Due to the size of its halls, it is also a common assembly area, and may be used to host the occasional event.
[SKA] Last Practice Before Grading Aug 12 2018, 11:59 AM, By Corruption
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Subforums: Swimming Pool, Dojo
Regular Forum Library
A sea of books and knowledge awaits anyone who comes into this newly built library. One can hope to find any and everything here, with tables, chairs, and sofas where they can sit and read to their hearts content. There are also computers that students can use to help with their research.
An Idiot's Greatest Enemy Jul 31 2018, 09:08 AM, By Kaloo
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Regular Forum Dormitories
Two large apartment-like buildings within the school ground provided for transferred students, who do not already have a place to stay in the city. It is six stories high with forty rooms on each level, each room being a 1LDK meant to accommodate up to three students, with the corner rooms being 2LDKs meant to accommodate up to four students. The two buildings are separated by gender, and students are not allowed to be in the opposite gender's building after hours.
The Winged Folk Aug 9 2018, 11:18 PM, By Nomad
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Subforums: Yuri Dormitory, Bara Dormitory
Regular Forum Kaneshima High School
The successor to the original High School of the city, which serves the needs of the city's non-powered population, now operated as a subsection of Senki Academy under the Joint Campus Project. A state of the art facility built upon the original grounds, it outwardly appears like an archetypal high school, but with the standard of quality on the furnishings, from the smartboards to the integrated computer desks, taken up to 11. While sharing many of the 'specialised' facilities with Senki Academy, such as the gymnasium and library, it has its own separate student building and sports field, per Vice-Principal's Midori Matsuzaki's request.
[PLOT] Bad Publicity Dec 1 2017, 10:16 PM, By Natsuya Ate
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